How it all started?


It may seem incredible, but it started with a jocular comment that ended up becoming a family business.

Take a trip back in time and settle in the late 50s of the last century.

Rosa and Juanito lived in the house next to the sea that he had inherited from his parents.

It was a house with a small land without much value, since his brackishness did not allow to grow anything other than watermelons and muscat grapes.




The days passed calmly between fishermen and the first tourists. Juanito was one of the first, and accompanied by his friends, he used to finish the fishing day by asking Rosa to prepare the catch for everyone's enjoyment.


She cooked with pleasure, and seeing that her husband improvised those meals so often, it occurred to him that she would start charging for each dish he cooked.



And over time, the saying happened to the fact.


Rosa and Juanito emigrated to France in search of work. Their goal was to get enough money to open a restaurant next to their house. They got it. They persevered.

They also opened a hotel.


And the rest ... you already know it.



Time has passed and the business has evolved:


We have added services.

We have professionalized ourselves.

We have renovated the hotel and the restaurant.

We strive to balance customer satisfaction and staff fulfillment.

We compete with large chains and virtual travel agencies.

And we fight to be respectful with the environment.

But the spirit of our business is the same as that of Rosa and Juanito.

Share with you the privilege of living in this little paradise.

Spread kindness, help and service.

Be the key that opens the doors of your happiness.

What they say about us:

Sensational site by the sea. Calm and cozy atmosphere. Ideal for those looking for a quiet getaway. With a spacious restaurant with a terrace on the beach dune. Impeccable service, very complete breakfast, with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Vicente S.


An ideal hotel to disconnect and spend a few days away. Rooms with sea views and a restaurant to match. If you also like jazz you will love it. A luxury to wake up with these views and listening to the sea.

Álvaro V.


It was a wise choice to choose both the hotel and the restaurant to enjoy the Christmas holidays. The treatment of the staff has been fantastic, you can see the love they put into all the details. It's nice to find professionals like this!

The views of the room, the comfort and tranquility have enchanted us. The exquisite food.

Thanks to the manager who treated us wonderfully. We look forward to going back and we recommend it

Mar Z.